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Stardate 7122006: While circling the moons of Pluto (who knew?) more links to various TDHS classes have emerged. Please check links at bottom of this page--- some are better than others.

Classmates: Please submit any links you have for personal or your own business to Jim
Likewise, any other classes from DHS please submit your page link.

Mike Legault  offers this...
" I thought I'd add a couple of web sites: One of my City (Moncton, NB) as well as my place of employment, the Universite de Moncton..."
"City of which is a bilingual (English and French)site. Where people can practice reading their High School French..."
"Universite de Moncton: it's a French only site..."
"Since I do not have a personal site or a business site, I thought these would do..."

DiAnne's New pages
DiAnne's award-winning tribute to Viet Nam Vets
Also many pages devoted to
Davey Jones & The Monkees
Stacy Goff
Project Experts

Stacy's company trains upper and mid-management of large companies in project enhancement skills.
[Colorado Springs, CO]

Marti Bradley has an Alaskan adventure page in store for you.
Views of the Knik Lake area - home to Marti's "cabin amongst the spruce and birch"

Marti's Ode to Alaska

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