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Pictures and accounts from the "gathering"
for Mark Jensen's Memorial Service

From Ben Blount:

The service was at the Calvary Baptist Church. There were perhaps two hundred people attending. The first person to speak was Mrs. Jensen, Mark's mother, a very lovely and sweet lady. She spoke in a very light hearted way which I believe set the tone of the service. At that point it seemed to me to become a celebration of life.
Paul Duus then spoke about when he came to The Dalles High and how Mark had become not only a friend but a mentor. He spoke of Mark being blessed by God both intellectually and physically but still being well grounded and having a great sense of humor. [I would have to agree that Mark was blessed but I know that some times I got by Mark and caught a trace of sulphur. I mean Mark wasn't above raising some hell every once in a while]
The Pastor spoke next and told anecdotes about Mark which reflected how he felt about his family, friends, and even people he had just met. He loved his family, he loved his friends, and he genuinely liked people.
After the service a group of us [see tribute for Mark] were invited by Dennis and Mary Davis to come to their home to talk and reconnect. I would like to say that Dennis and Mary could not have been more gracious in allowing us the use of their home. There were approx. twenty of us and we seemed to all get a chance to talk to everyone else one-on-one which was refreshing. George Vass then addressed us all and told of his memories and impressions of Mark, then Paul Duus and then Steve Lawrence.
I suppose Mark's last gift to the class of '63 is to remind us of how precious life is. Friends are to be treasured and memories hoarded.

Amen [ed.]

From Steve Lawrence:

The memorial service for Mark was held at the Calvary Baptist Church in The Dalles on Thursday, October 5, 2006. Many, many classmates showed up. Paul Duus gave a talk about this "friend". Afterwards, there was a reception in the lobby and of course, Lester and Betty Jensen were there as were Helene and Chris, Mark's sisters, Mark's wife Donna and their two boys with their families. Walt Smith and Jerry Brown were there.
Classmates that I can remember were, Arlone Benson, Bobbi Baker and her mother Phyllis, Ben Blount, Dennis and Mary Davis, Diane Colcord, Jerry and Loretta Commander, Paul Duus, Libby Haynes, Gloria Jolley ( Johnson), Mike Kennedy, Jan Muller ( Guerci) and her sister, Bill O'Gorman and his wife, Pat Sutherland (Kenslow), Nikki Wassem ( Mackan), Cara Lynn Wheeler (Carr) and her sister, and myself.
Russ Brown attended the later gathering at Dennis and Mary's. George Vass, Don Quint ( who was married to Judy Tibbits), Gary Bradford, Dennis Morgan, Bill Gustafson, Diana Compton and Christie Webber were other school friends in attendance. Of course, there was all of Donna's family, her sisters Nancy and Kay and Mother, Virginia, Also friends came from Idaho where Mark and Donna had lived in McCall for almost 30 years.

It was a sad day. There were wonderful pictures of Mark throughout his life, with family and even with his Annapolis uniform on. I considered Mark as sort of the flagship to our fleet of classmates. Multi-talented and humble at the same time, he was a friend to everyone. Mark and Donna had just moved to The Dalles and were spending their first night in their new home on October l, 2006 when he passed away in his sleep. He will be missed.

From Marcy Re Phillips:

Just a short note to let you know that Mark's service was a wonderful tribute to him, what a neat Man he turned out to be. There were a lot of classmates that came to honor his memory. The wonderful Mary and Dennis Davis opened up their house at short notice and all of us classmates were invited to come and "BOND" with one another and we did do that, and I know Mark was right with us looking down on us.

>>> More tributes & memories below photos <<<

Many thanks to Ben Blount for these photos

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The memorial board

The service - Calvary Baptist Church, The Dalles

Seen in these pictures: Dennis & Mary Davis (hosts), Susan Saunders Dalrymple, Diane Colcord, Gloria Jolley Johnson, George Vass (Class of '62), Paul Duus, Marcy Re Phillips, Pat Sutherland Kenslow, Nikki Wassem Mackan, Libby Haynes (Stafford?), Jan Muller Guerci, Jerry & Loretta Hill Commander, Steve Lawrence, Ben Blount, Judy Sandvol Ringo, Cara Linn Wheeler Carr, Bill O'Gorman, .... Russ Brown was there too, although camera-shy...
(along with many others I can't make out in the pictures[ed.])

At the gathering


Libby, Nikki, & Pat

Some of the group

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Memories from classmates------
Sam Owen:
Heartfelt condolences for the loss of Mark. Although I've not seen him for years, the memories of high school are still there. The partnership of a locker . . studying together for exams and papers . . getting "caught" for doing things we shouldn't have . . the list goes on . . He was a leader and a friend. Blessings on those who are left behind. May God fill the void and heal the hurt. Words aren't enough . . .

Gloria Jolley Johnson:
Oh My gosh--- memories of Mark are so many, I met him my first day of school in The Dalles at Whittier school---Mrs. Unruh's fifth grade class. In Jr. High we used to tease each other that one day we would grow up, get married and have triplets named Hester, Chester and Lester and then at the 1998 reunion after I was running around like a crazy woman and sat down for a breather, he sat down by me, elevated my tired feet, took off my shoes and gave me a fine foot massage....

Barbara Schunke Besand:
This news truly saddens me. At the last two reunions, Mark and I had two great conversations. He asked me to dance during one of those mixer dances and I was quite honestly zapped back to our Junior and High School years. He laughed when I hesitated; he took my hand and said......"You're dancing with me..., no excuses!" Even my husband laughed.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his friends.

Nikki Wassem Mackan:
I thought he had moved back to TD because either his parents or Donna's dad required closer care ---... but I think he "retired" --- I am just so shocked --- he was the nicest in the world --- and when Ed and I lived in Boise and Ed traveled all the time Mark was ALWAYS there to help me if I needed it --- my heart breaks for them all ---

Leslie Clumpner Bindschadler: I was so surprised and shocked to read of Mark's passing. It makes one realize how precious and fleeting life is. When I went to our last high school reunion, John Greene (whom I dated, remember?) said to me, "I remember that smile!" And that is the first thing that I recalled about Mark...he had a great smile! To me, he epitomized leadership...the leadership of our class. (He and I served as ASB President and Secretary together.) He had a presence and was an inspiration to all of us. He will be sorely missed. Of all the ones that have left us, his leaving has saddened me the most. I wish I could be there for his memorial service. And I would like to request that all of you that live close enough to attend, do so for the many of us that are too far away. Thank you! Love and blessings to everyone, especially his family.

Jan Muller Guerci:
I know how badly ... many others would have liked to be there in person but know, too, you were all there in spirit. Mark was truly the leader of our class of 63 in everything, scholastically, athletically, and as a person who treated everyone alike with respect. We had a wonderful gathering at the Davis Home and truly enjoyed sharing time and stories together.