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Wayne Cumiford passed away due to cancer on May 7, 2016, at the age of 73.

Linda Blackwelder Pall passed away at home on April 29th of this year. She had coped with a myriad of medical issues for many years.
She was "The Comeback Kid".

Linda Blackwelder Pall's War Effort

February 2017
Margaret Ann Wilhelm [Harmon] passed away peacefully in February of 2017. Read about Margie (Margo!) on our memorial page.

May 2016
Ron Rowland passed away in The Dalles in April of this year...There are many rememberances of Ron on our memorial page.
December 2011
Wayne Stout has reported that Gerald Billson passed away Christmas day in Jacksonville, AR.
I will post an obituary on our memorial page when available.
October 2011
It has been reported that our classmate Mack Morgan has passed away September 7th in Enterprise OR.
Per his request, there was no obituary or service.
August 2011
Susan Pincock [Kello] passed away on Sept. 7,2009.
This information was sent along by Mary Burslie Davis after a chance encounter at The Fort Dalles Museum.
Susan's Obituary and picture will be available on our memorial page soon.

Coach Don Martin has passed away.

Apr. 2011

Coach Keith Tucker has passed away.

Our friend and mentor departed March 31st, 2011.
His obituary and comments by class members may be found on our
Not Forgotten page

October '10
News of Scott Draper's death has reached us via Marti Bradley. His obituary is available on our memorial page.
Thank you , Marti.

September '10
We have lost Sherry Dalbec Beck to cancer.

The 45th reunion was held in The Dalles at various venues....

Sept. 19th , 20th, & 21st, 2008

There were many who attended, who had NOT previously come to a class reunion, or had come many years ago only.
Sam Owen, Steve Howard, Robin Woolsey, the list goes on... too many for this old brain to remember.
I (Jim) had the distinct and absolute pleasure of connecting by phone with many, MANY of you that night, courtesy of Gloria's cell phone (hope we didn't break it!). For instance, I haven't been able to speak to Sam Owen for nearly 40 years (or longer?) Steve, Rod, John, Paul Duus, Robin, Loretta, Margie (oops..Margo), Mike McNab, Steve Howard, Jane Miller, Bob Rooper ... so many many friends for such a long time.
But then, this isn't about me... it's about the coming together of people whose lives have been touched by each other... from a time of innocence to a time of worldliness and perhaps, in some cases weariness, and the chance to relive, reconnect and rejuvenate.

Gloria's tribute says in part:

"Because I knew you....I am changed for good"
How true!

If you have any stories or pictures to share, please contact Jim

Click here to email Jim

Click here to load and play a slide show of the 45th

There will be (eventually) an entire page dedicated to the 45th reunion. For now, we have the group photo and the slide shows.

A slide show from the gathering at the Commanders'

The 45th "Group"

Front row (seated): Robin Woolsey Groshong, Polly Long Ignowski, Carl Compton, Jan Janik, Gloria Jolley Johnson, Bill O'Gorman, Mary Lou Griffith, Arnold Kloppenburg, Dennis Davis, Paul Kelvin

2nd row seated: John McLeod, Cathy Cummins Wilson, Loretta Hill Commander, Libby Haynes Stafford, Judy Sandvol Ringo, Kay White Tenold, Teacher- Don Martin, Steve Lawrence, Sherry Dalbeck Beck, Mary Burslie Davis, Carole Carskadon Lewis, Margaret Wilhelm Harmon, Judy Brown Egger

3rd row: Ben Blount, Gary Briggs, Bob Rooper, Cherri Adams Keller, Nikki Wassem Mackan, Arlone Benson Stradley, Pat Sutherland Kenslow, Kathleen Connelly Tovey, Barbara Schunke Besand, Jane Miller Mitchell, Kathy Hotka Deal, Kay Halphide Griffith

Last row(s): John Miller, Mike Kennedy, Paul McCoy, Keith Cordray, Jerry Commander, Jim McCall, Mike McNab, Craig Zeigler, Wanda Bryson Sparks, Tim Rogers Baker, Marcy Re Phillips, Lynn Harmon, Tom Bailey, Bruce Doran Burke, Sam Owen, Greg Smith Richterich, Paul Duus, Steve Howard, Steve Huff, Rod Hill

Attended Friday but not in picture: Joe Ringo, John Long, Sharla Kramer, Russ Brown, Wayne Stout

Teachers that attended: Mr. Jack Harmon, Mr. Keith Tucker, Mr. Dick Yecny, Mr. Walt Smith, Mr. Jerald Browne, Mr. Don Martin, Mr. Virgil Choate

(ed, note: Thanks to Loretta Hill Commander, Jane Miller Mitchell and Mary Burslie Davis for the picture and "who's who")

The locator pages have been updated to include our deceased members.
Please see our Memorial page

** Recent losses **

Gerry Billson -- in Jacksonville, AR
Mack J. Morgan -- in Pendleton, OR
Susan Pincock Kello -- Sept. 7,2009
Sherry Dalbec Beck -- September 28,2010
Scott Lee Draper -- June 2010
Ken Fleck -- June 2, 2010
Larry Ferguson -- March 21, 2010
Ed Dawkins -- April 29,2009
Gary Morioka -- April 23, 2008
Delany Davis -- April 17,2008
Wayne Fraser-- July 12,2007
Jim Kimball-- June 21,2007
Linda Wellington Zellman-- April 16,2007
Mark Jensen-- October 1, 2006
Clancy Allen-- July 1, 2006
Judy Tibbets Quint-- Sept. 21, 2005
Barbara Hay Gustafson - June 11,2005
Mike Hillman- April 9, 2005
Bob Goytowski, in Lacey , WA.

Please use the "Classmate Login" button above to access the locator page
for specific information. (requires password)

The locator pages have been updated as of September 2010.
There are numerous emails that have "gone bad"
If you have changed your email or know of a classmate
that has changed and it is not reflected in this update, please notify Jim
Thank you!!

We are STILL! actively seeking any information on the following missing classmates
If you know anything about any of the following people ...
please contact
Jim Chapman or Joe Lawrence. Thank you.


Scott Draper -- last in Medford *********

Jim Lambourne
Delores Mallory        


Bonnie O'Dell has been "found"!!!!
Many thanks to Mary Burslie Davis!!!!!

John McNeal -- in Vancouver, WA
Thanks to Jan and Marcy!!

Patty Kreuger Cross has been located by Linda Spickerman Young .. Thank you!!

See what Mary Burslie Davis (aka Andrew the Mouse) has been up to....

Marti's Page
Read about Marti Bradley's program to help seniors and homeless.....
This is a seriously big deal!!!

Mike's Recipe Corner

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