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More pictures from the "gathering" Oct. 5, 2006
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George Vass

Ben Blount - George Vass

Mary Burslie Davis - Jerry Commander

Jerry and Loretta Commander

Steve Lawrence

Bill O'Gorman

Dennis Davis - Steve Lawrence

Paul Duus

The Davis House

******* Looking Back ********

40th Reunion - The Dalles Aug. 2003

Left to right
1. [floor]: Michael Kennedy, Bob Rooper, Dennis Davis, Steve Huff, Jerry Commander, Bruce Burke, Gary Briggs, Jan Janik, Joe Ringo, John Greene, Greg Acker
2. [Seated]: Stacy Goff, Marci Re Phillips, John McLeod, Paul Kindt, Wanda Bryson Sparks, Mark Jensen, Leslie Clumpner Bindschadler, Loretta Hill Commander, Danielle Carson Hendrickson,Bill O'Gorman, John McKay, Sherry Dalbec Beck, Linda Wilson Fraser, DiAnne Anderson Wasson, Paul Kelvin
3. [1st standing]:Roger Fuller, Mike McNab, Rick McReynolds, Tom Bailey, Claudia Swingle Jeffers, Eric Lund, Jim McCall, Ron Beardsley, Dave Palmer, Mary Burslie Davis, Ken Fleck, Carolyn Wheeler Carr, Karen Meistrell Anderson, Diane Colcord, Nancy Kortge Black
4. [2nd standing]: Duane Parks, Paul Kelly, Mike Legault, Steve Lawrence, Joe Lawrence, Kendall Yeagle Dittmar, Carole Carskadon Lewis, Paula Nelson Schaeffer, Kay Halphide Griffith, Sandra Adams, Judy Brown Egger, Linda Wellington Zellman, Diana Ricks Weston,Cathy Cummins Wilson, Bobbie Baker, Karen John Quinton, John Miller
5. [Up the stairs(right to Left)]: Mary Lou Griffith, Arnold Kloppenburg, Pat Sutherland Kenslow, Jim Chapman, Suzy Saunders Dalrymple, Arlone Benson Stradley, Judy Sandvol Ringo, Nikki Wassem Mackan, Libby Haynes Stafford, Janet Meislahn Beatty, Barbara Schunke Besand, Paul Fulmer,Carl Compton, Lynn Harmon, Gloria Jolley Johnson, Russ Brown

3 cartoons from Diane Colcord

3 Cheers
Your bunny Rod
Steve Lawrence goes A'visitin'

** From Mike Legault - after the 40th **

All in all not a bad-looking place


From DiAnne Anderson Wasson:
DiAnne and Marti Bradley meet for a cozy lunch to catch up on 35 years.
Is a lunch really long enough???

DiAnne says:
No, a lunch was not long enough...My daughter, Jody, got snagged in as the photographer.....she learned alot of things she didn't know by the time we were done! Some things you don't tell the kids until they are ready for it! - Ha - And we were laughing so much it is a miracle that we didn't get 86'd from the Casa El Mirador that day. I am looking forward to the next time.

Sent recently by Sallie Woods Torres, 2 pictures of Nicola LaFrenz and herself
These were taken Thanksgiving of 2000.

Got any recent pictures you'd like to share???
Send a scanned .JPG file or the pictures themselves ( we will scan and return)

From Issue #4 - August 2000
    Nicola Roberta LaFrenz ... known to us during grade and high school as Nicholas Robert LaFrenz. Nicola's condition, unbeknownest to us in those years, was caused by a very high fever of a long duration during her first year of life. The real person was never really known by many of us, as we tended to shun "him". [I am as guilty of that as most others] Nicholas has lived legally as Nicola for the better part of the past 25 years, having gone through the hormone therapy and counseling needed, but has never been able to afford the "complete" change.
    After graduation, Nicola was able to continue education at Lane Community College and the U of O, with the help of Sallie Woods Torres as a friend, mentor and advocate. During these years, retinitis pigmentosa diminished her eyesight until she was legally blind. Her hearing deteriorated until now she is profoundly deaf and must wear "industrial strength" hearing aids. Her motor skills have worsened even from the point she was at during the school years, and I think most of us will remember how many problems she had even back then with the simplest (for us) tasks. Her determination was outstanding.
    Dire circumstances require intercession on the part of this class to give her a quality of life due to any human being. Nicola is now wheelchair bound and in a nursing home that is not giving her the care she requires. Her meals are inadequate, the staff is rude and uncaring, and her wheelchair is so outdated, it cannot carry her weight or facilitate transport as necessary. Her clothing is reduced to only a few items, which must be constantly laundered due to bathroom facilities not being proper for her disabilities. She owns only a few items of furniture which are in need of repair.
    For the past few years, Sallie Woods Torres has been a supreme advocate for Nicola, attempting to get the nursing home to live up to its end of the bargain. This has been a task suitable for a task force, yet Sallie has undauntedly and singlehandedly taken on the nursing home, the state, and every other agency that has refused to help Nicola.
    To date, from a four page email that Sallie sent out, some assistance has arrived, and it has helpd a lot, but it is still not enough. Nicola needs clothes, a newer wheelchair that is transportable and "toilet-needs" ready. Financial assistance would also be accepted to meet needs that are daily and/or unexpected. Nicola's pension is very meager, and leaves no discretionary monies available to her as it all goes for primary care and housing.
    She enjoys listening to audio tapes of books and articles, .. a cassette letter from a classmate would be very welcome. According to Sallie, she has tried to keep up with the class, and asked about various members of the class from time to time.
    Please folks, she is a very warm, feeling and religious person who has been dealt a very bad hand in this life. Any assistance will be appreciated. At this writing, donations have made possible partial repair of her hearing aids, a used washing machine for Sallie to take care of Nicola's laundry so that the home won't ruin it, and few new articles of clothing, but she is in need of more. Please help as you can... financial, volunteerism, books on tape, prayers...
        On behalf of Nicola and Sallie ... Thank you.
Her address is:
Nicola R. LaFrenz
1162 Charnelton St Apt3
Eugene, OR 97401

Sallie's address and contact phone:
3130 University St.
Eugene, OR 97401
[ed. note: Nicola's address has now changed. Please send correspondence to her c/o Sallie]

from Issue #3 - March 2000
[NOTE: Email Dated 10/24/99]
Dear DHS Class of 63 Friends,
    I have a little news to share about how I'll be spending the next six months to a year... I woke up one morning this summer and, thanks to a call or three from around Idaho's First District, I began thinking about the prospect of going beyond the Moscow City Council, especially since our recent track record in Congressional representation has been less than stellar. Considering the money required, the personal dislocation and the state of political organization in Idaho, I promptly put it out of my head.
    A couple of weeks later, an AP story was published listing the Republican candidates for the nomination and stating "there is no credible Democrat considering a run." I thought, "Right on! Sensible people would not even consider falling upon this particular sword!" I read the story a little more closely and looked at the opposition. "More of the same! Can't we do better?" Then I looked in the mirror. "Yes, I think we can." I vacillated back and forth about the idea through the summer. But as I tested the waters, the waters were pretty good. I got promises of money, sweat and shoe leather. I got a lot of people excited. I began to see this as something other than Don Quixote going after the windmills.
    I announced October 7 and the campaign is well under way. If you're interested, read the announcement speech and the bio... and if you're REALLY interested after that, please consider sending a contribution to the campaign. My treasurer is Mary Jo Hamilton, Linda Pall COngress 2000, PO Box 9900, Moscow, ID 83843. Include your occupation, if you contribute... the Federal ELection Commission wants to know.
    I am excited, energized and the two English Setters, COunt Basie and Ella Fitzgerald, already love being in parades.
    I want to ask a favor of you. While the Pacific Northwest, resource issues, jobs, tolerance, and health care are some of the biggies of the issues to be considered, would you let me know what the most important federal issues are for you and yours, no matter where you live? I'd be interested in your thoughts and ideas. After all, assuming that I make it (big assumption but my campaign people insist), I will be voting on matters and proposing legislation that can affect all of us.
    Thanks for looking in and sharing my news. Read on if you're inclined!
    All the best to each of you,
Linda (Blackwelder) Pall

[ed. note: Although Linda lost her bid, she has apparently not ruled out the possiblity of another run]

Pictures from Lynn Harmon... from a "gathering" in Portland last year(2001?). Attending were Marti Bradley, Susy Saunders Dalrmyple, Judy Brown (Egger?), Steve Lawrence, and Lynn Harmon. They report having a great time, albeit short.

Steve Lawrence:
We met up with Martha ( Marti) Bradley at the Kennedy School pub. Susie Saunders, Judy Brown and Lynn Harmon joined us. We had a great time. Judy regaled us with tales of her 16 grandchildren and she looks great. Too bad more could not have made it . We got into grade school stories and then Junior High. Like our first dance, etc. Lotsa laughs.



A picture from Gloria of herself and Lynette Scholes Belka during a visit to Weber, UT, in 1999

** Tidbits & One-liners **
from Issue #3 - March 2000
Christine Boothby (Faubion):
Russ Brown (25th reunion):
When you speak to your kids of how well you did in school……… lie!
from Issue #1 - March 1999
Marti Bradley:
Have you ever worried about our class motto?
"Our past molds our future"
I don't remember us being "angels".

The great marble controvesy

This started it all:
Lose your Marbles in TD
The challenge has gone forth throughout the land , for every able-bodied ( and otherwise) person in the class to bring your marbles to the next reunion, whereupon and whence will commence a fierce competition at Sorosis Park , ala Col. Wright, Joseph G Wilson, Chenoweth, and St. Mary's playgrounds, for the class marble championship. So, if you've still got your marbles, aggies, steelies, and/or ringers (or can borrow some from your grandchildren) bring them! Lose 'em! Win 'em! Or maybe just Find 'em! Have a ringin' good time.
[ Sallie Woods Torres vs. Mike Legault in round one. ]

Joe Ringo retorted:
    It has come to my attention that your group is planning a marble match or tournament in the near future in the Columbia River basin.
    You may or may not be aware that any activities involving marble matches or tournaments fall under the authority of the "International Body Authorizing Marble Exhibitions Safety & Security" a.k.a. I.B.A.M.E.S.S. As stated in the copyright laws any unauthorized participation, exhibition, matches, tournaments or viewing in any way shape or form, either visual, verbal, emotional, written or computerized is strictly prohibited without proper sanctioning.
    The I.B.A.M.E.S.S. sells franchises to local organizations. The area in which you propose to hold your marble match is owned through franchise by "International Association of Marbles at Kelley Avenue in The Dalles" henceforth to be known as I.A.M.A.K.I.D.
    The authorization and permission to hold this event must be obtained through I.B.A.M.E.S.S. because I.A.M.A.K.I.D. who will help you learn and follow all the rules and regulations of International Marble Play. As an example, one of the first decisions to be made, as I am sure you are unaware, is whether your tournament will be "bareknuckled" or "gloved", unsanctioned or sanctioned. A.k.a. in the biz as BOGUS! As you can see, this is very serious business and not a matter to be taken lightly. As I am the Oldest living Director and "Custodian Of Organized Tournaments" a.k.a. "Old Coot", I have witnessed over the years the destruction of many lives because of the heinous activity I have seen, i.e. divorce, loss of job, loss of business and loss of home & friends.
    Yes, I hear you snickering, but rest assured this is no laughing matter. In addition to mental damage, the emotional stress and asset depletion, there are the physical problems that always arise: Just one example is "Tendonitis Of Detached Dermis Lesions Extremity Right" known in the trade as TODDLER. This is very common and very painful. Other dangers that exist, especially at non-authorized events, held in back alleys, behind barns, in abandoned warehouses is Knuckle Lesions Under Stress To Extreme Rigidity, a.k.a. Kluster formation.
    Thus, because of the damage this activity causes the uneducated and unfortunate and those who are unable to control themselves and accept responsibility for their own actions, I have dedicated my life to helping these unfortunate folks. I will travel to wherever it takes to accomplish this mission. I spend a lot of time traveling, in search of my marbles, an experience that has been slowly coming on, but seems to be happening more and more frequently lately…. Maybe you can relate?
    I cannot overemphasize the importance of getting this information from me at "Old Coot @ I.A.M.A.K.I.D., if you can get me, or you can try my assistant, "Dianedoittoya" on SE Boise St., or my travel/flight coordinator "Batwoman" on NW 24th St. I Look forward to hearing from you.

Rings, Potsy, and Chases,
Joe Ringo a.k.a. Callous Knuckled Joe

PS If you ever decide to have a tetherball tournament, I will take B. Baker and 6 to 5 odds.
PSS Russell Welch was the best marble player in The Dalles - Hands Down!
PSSS What memories pop into your head when you hear Camel Back High?
Ed. note: The marble tournament NEVER happened at the 40th!!

Images from the 35th Reunion - August 1998

From Gloria From Steve Huff